Report: Trump asked RNC to open campaign offices in all 50 states

PLAYBOOK SCOOP — The Trump campaign has asked the RNC to open offices in all 50 states, a move one party aide told Daniel is a “complete waste of resources.” For example, why boost resources in a state like Idaho, which is going to vote for Trump, or states like Hawaii or Massachusetts that certainly will not? An RNC source said it was a “fool’s errand” and more for Trump’s “ego” and for “bragging” purposes, instead of deft campaign strategy. The source said it was a “personal request” by Trump to have offices in all 50 states.

Sean Spicer, a top RNC aide, told Playbook decisions on how to deploy resources were made jointly by the committee and the campaign, which he said was “keen” on having a presence around the country. Under the plan, the RNC will have offices in up to 25 battleground states that are either competitive for Trump or have contested House and Senate races. In all the remaining states, the RNC will open up an office staffed by RNC volunteers — not paid staffers. Spicer also said all the funding for these outposts, which he said would cost between $80,000 and $90,000 for the remainder of the campaign, would come out of the RNC’s headquarters fund. The Trump campaign did not respond to a request for comment Thursday night.