Security fears mount ahead of GOP convention

Throughout the primaries, Trump’s campaign was marked by racial tensions and spasms of violence both inside his events and in the streets. Heightening tensions now, the convention arrives amid a rising national tide of anger against police violence in the death of two African Americans and anxieties tied to the deadly ambush and killing of five officers in Dallas last week.

Making matters worse, the state’s open-carry gun laws have the head of “Bikers for Trump” telling CNN that Cleveland’s streets could turn into “the O.K. Corral.”

Ohio state law does not regulate the carrying of guns, meaning that entrants to the convention’s 1.3 square mile secure zone are prohibited from bringing, among other things, weapons like swords, hatchets, axes, slingshots, BB guns, pellet guns and metal knuckles, but will be allowed to openly hold live firearms. (Guns are not allowed inside the arena itself, which has a ban on “weapons of any kind.”)…

Doctors and surgeons at the Cleveland Clinic have also been told to remain on call — and prepared for a situation in which the hospital is cut off from outside aid and supplies — for the convention’s four days, according to a report from Stat News, which covers health care.