Republicans brace for anti-Trump delegates' roiling convention

A source familiar with Trump’s convention strategy told the Washington Examiner that its operation’s internal whip count pegged support for the minority report at 15 to 20 votes.

Regardless, the Trump campaign estimates that 1,500 to 1,700 delegates committed to the real estate mogul’s nomination, if a vote on the conscience clause was held on the convention floor.

“We’re not trying to manage with a heavy thumb, we’re just trying to make sure that Mr. Trump gets his just due, which is a convention that nominates him,” the source said. “We’re not afraid of an active debate, but we firmly believe that Mr. Trump followed these rules and won fair and square.”

The RNC isn’t taking the insurrection lightly. A party official acknowledged to the Examiner that internally there is concern about disruptions on the floor that could dominate media coverage of the convention and obscure from Trump’s message.