Hannity on Trump VP: "I wouldn't be happy with anyone but Newt"

“Who would be best at prosecuting the case against Hillary Clinton in terms of the list that he has? Who would be best in terms of making the case and articulating the case for Donald Trump with a positive voice like you have? Who would be the person that would pretty much be assured a win in any presidential/vice presidential debate?” Hannity told Gingrich. “I think you’ve checked that corner. Who has balanced the budget and given us a surplus? Who has the ability to work with Congress? I check all the boxes, and you’re right there at the top, and I think you’d be the right choice. What is your response to that?”

Hannity made sure to remark that he was not offering up the recommendation “as a friend.”

“I’m speaking objectively here. I think you would prosecute the case against Hillary better than anybody, strategize and help them win, and help him govern, which, with a hostile speaker and majority leader, would be difficult,” the Fox News host continued, as Gingrich grinned.