Could Trump pick a pro-immigration veep?

But left unsaid is how much Gingrich differs from Trump on the alleged billionaire’s two signature issues: trade — he was one of the key players in the passage of NAFTA, which Trump says is the worst trade deal of all time — and immigration. In fact, Gingrich started a website to reach out to Hispanic voters and argued vociferously in his 2012 presidential bid that law-abiding undocumented immigrants should be eligible for permanent legal status. He even said that mass deportation — a policy position Trump holds — is inhumane and unAmerican. So the possibility of a Gingrich pick has Trump’s typically-loyal white supremacists on edge.

In 2009, Gingrich rolled out a bilingual website called The Americano. It was designed to pitch conservative values to Hispanic voters, and ran blog posts from former Florida governor Jeb Bush, former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe, and Alfonso Aguilar, George W. Bush’s citizenship czar. The site hosted its first (and only) Annual Hispanic Forum in 2010.

The site folded in 2011 because, Aguilar told The Daily Beast, it couldn’t get sufficient advertising revenue.

(If you go to the site now, you get a warning that it might give you malware.) But through the launch process, Aguilar said Gingrich developed valuable relationships with conservative Hispanic leaders — relationships that could serve him well as a veep contender — if he stays true to them.