Hillary will win, but she doesn't deserve to

As Obamacare limps along with a 49 percent disapproval rating (47 percent say they like it), Clinton says she wants to stick with it. She similarly voices continued support for banking regulations that have actually increased concentration in the financial industry and has laid out plans to jack up federal spending from a well-above-average 22.1 percent of GDP to a mind-boggling 22.7 percent of GDP. As the Committee For A Responsible Federal Budget notes, her unwillingness to reduce spending, reform entitlements, and attack the national debt virtually guarantees weak economic growth for decades. Despite overwhelming anti-war sentiments among Democrats and independents after 15 years of failed intervention after failed intervention, she remains an unreconstructed hawk.

This goopy mélange of positions may be enough to win in an election where Donald Trump is her main challenger, but it shouldn’t be confused with anything approaching leadership, statesmanship, or vision. No wonder her supporters are quick to judge her not on the quality of her ideas but on the content of her resume.

America is floundering in the 21st century, the victim of indefensible foreign policy that Clinton herself helped to mis-execute; of out-of-control government spending and regulatory excess under successive Republican and Democratic presidents that has dampened economic growth by 50 percent compared to post-war averages; and a hollowing out of faith in government due to endless scandals and malfeasance stemming from plutocratic contempt for transparency on the part of our leaders (something else with which Clinton is familiar).