Burned once, the media is now overrating Trump’s chances to be elected

I have written on this website several times in the last year about how Donald Trump was going to––either indirectly (as a disruptor) or directly (as the nominee)––hand Hillary Clinton the presidency. We all know now that the vast majority of news commentators were extremely slow to see that Trump would win the Republican nomination. Most, even the “great” (actually vastly overrated) Nate Silver, got the call completely wrong, even long after it was rather obvious where this was all headed.

Now, having learned their lesson about this “extraordinary election cycle” and Trump’s “magic” with “working-class whites,” many in the media elite are now hedging their bets (while also conveniently maintaining ratings-friendly faux drama) by claiming that Trump could really pull this off.

Silver currently says Trump has a 20% chance (down from an informal 33% a few weeks ago) to be the next president, which is much higher than the 2-5% shot he gave him to win the GOP nomination.