Hillary Clinton's "get out of jail free card" is everything that's wrong with America

From Clinton herself, by gutting contrast, emanates the familiar Michael Corleone vibe: “My offer is this: nothing.” The ordeal is something simply to put behind us, Comey’s coruscating words right along with it. After all, the alternative is Donald Trump, and Trump is no alternative at all. We’ll accept whatever level of ethics, care, and responsibility Team Clinton sees fit to adopt, and we’ll thank them for it.

This is not just bad optics. This is bad juju. Clinton’s formulaic, bare-minimum apologies and her obdurate personification of the “untouchable” status quo drastically worsen Americans’ sensation that fundamentally dishonorable people have seized control of their fate — in an age when Western leadership around the world is failing. At least President Obama can rightfully contend that he managed to stave off abject disaster for most of his term in office. But when we imagine a Western world led by Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, there is little but a yawning abyss of doubt and disillusionment ahead.

America lacks true leaders. No savior is coming. No American giant is commensurate with this historic moment. From our expansive and comfortable “leadership” class we get crickets. There is no fallback position. In the face of a self-imposed legitimacy crisis of jaw-dropping sweep and magnitude, none of our elites have proven themselves to be up to the task of restoring our confidence.