What's next for the college snowflakes?

“I think it’s going to get much worse,” Dershowitz said of the campus protests, adding that campus administrators “don’t have the courage to stand up to spoiled student brats.”

Dershowitz said the only encouraging thing he’s seeing on campuses these days was that liberals and centrists are coming together to condemn the behavior. He warned current student protesters that they were “shooting themselves in the foot” with their ever-more ridiculous demands, because “when the pendulum swings, it will swing back.”

So far it appears that right-leaning media have been the first to call out activist absurdity. When the protests began at the University of Missouri last fall, they pounced quickly on footage of a liberal professor, Melissa Click, assaulting a student journalist and calling for some “muscle” from the crowd to take care of him for filming the protests and asking questions…

They’ve found a way not only to make elite universities grovel and accept the ridiculous idea that they are hotbeds of racism and sexism, but they’ve also figured out how to make the universities pay for it. Why would the activists stop when they keep winning?