How Rolling Stone's rape story became its worst nightmare

The documents reveal inconsistencies with Jackie’s story, whose last name is redacted in court documents and missteps by Erdely, who said she found no reason to believe Jackie wasn’t credible throughout her reporting.

For example, Erdley said according to a transcript of her deposition that she was aware that Jackie had initially told her roommate she was attacked by five men, but later said it was actually seven men.

Erdely also noted at one point that Jackie’s mother’s profile on Facebook said she herself went to Providence College, even though Jackie said her mom went to Brown. When asked in her deposition whether that raised any red flags about Jackie’s credibility, Erdely said “it didn’t seem to be all that important.”

Jackie said she had scars on her back from the attack, but her boyfriend said he had never seen them, Erdely’s notes say. Erdely said in her deposition that she made a mental note to bring it up with Jackie’s mother, but ended up never speaking to her.