Did Clinton University break the same law as Trump U?

Unlike Trump University, there is no CGI U curriculum, no fees, and no promise that attendees will attain a life of tremendous wealth and gaudy boardrooms where they can fire people for fun.

But very much like Trump University, CGI U was never a school in any traditional sense.

There is no syllabus, no classes, no papers, no grades and, in the end, no degree or cap and gown. But both organizations, at one time, called themselves “universities.”
According to New York state education law, “No individual, association, co-partnership or corporation not holding university, college or other degree conferring powers by special charter from the legislature of this state or form of regents” is permitted to call itself a “university” or “college” without consent.

A spokesperson for the New York State Education Department did not immediately respond when asked about the timeframe of the review.