Trump’s silence on Supreme Court abortion ruling makes pro-lifers like me wonder if he’s a farce

Right now in the pro-life movement people are wondering if Mr. Trump’s staff is uninformed or frankly, if he just doesn’t care about the topic of life. Was that meeting last week just a farce, just another one of his shows?

In our meeting, it seemed he understood the importance of appointing Supreme Court justices who interpreted the Constitution according to how it is written and not according to preferential rights that don’t exist there…

It’s lonely over here in the pro-life camp. On one hand we have a candidate who we know isn’t on our side. On the other is one who seems like he wants to be, but then doesn’t make the time to learn about our movement. He doesn’t seem to take his nomination seriously, doing things like making substantial efforts to get out the pro-life vote.

After last week’s meeting with Donald Trump, I felt like someone who was a member of the dating site “It’s Just Lunch.” It felt like we pro-lifers and Mr. Trump were just opening a conversation, getting to know each other. But after this week, I feel like if I was asked to dinner, I’m not sure I’d go.

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