Hundreds of residents of Fallujah survived ISIS -- then were disappeared by their "liberators"

While the recent liberation of Fallujah is being celebrated by governments from Washington to Baghdad, hundreds of civilians like those who were arrested with Rasool remain missing. The problem is that, unlike those taken by the so-called Islamic State widely known as ISIS, these civilians were arrested by Shiite pro-government militant groups operating as representatives of the Iraqi government.

In a list shared exclusively with The Daily Beast, the Anbar Provincial Council says it has identified 49 deaths carried out by pro-government paramilitary forces during the liberation of Fallujah, which Iraqi officials say has been completed today. Forty-six of them are listed with names, while three are simply identified by the Council as “Unidentified Body in the Amiriyat Fallujah Hospital.”

The Anbar Provincial Council has also publicly released a list of 643 names of those whose whereabouts are unknown, having been taken from the town of Saqliwia outside Fallujah.

“This list we have is the primary count of the people who are missing,” said a council member who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of the issue, “And we’re [still] counting.”