CNN hiring Lewandowski is nothing compared to the ​media’s "even-handed" coverage of Trump campaign bigotry

CNN must have been well aware that hiring Trump’s former campaign manager ​Corey​ Lewandowski as a political analyst would create a row. Maybe that knowledge propelled them to move forward​, even if a bit hastily​. But the vast majority of critics seem to be missing the most salient and disturbing​ reality — that they have just hired another talking head to spew, or at the least defend, statements and/or “positions” that would never be deemed acceptable on major national television networks under any other circumstances.

Fox’s Megyn Kelly and Howard Kurtz offered a small sampling of the various critiques echoed throughout media circles ranging from the fact that Lewandowski ha​d​ regularly threatened journalists (he was even arrested for assaulting one, before that charge was dropped), to the fact that he can’t and won’t offer any sort of “objective” analysis. But, of course, as a Trump supporter he isn’t expected to present objectivity.

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