Clinton: "I understand people having questions" about my trustworthiness, "I'm careful with my words"

Hillary Clinton addresses voters telling pollsters “they don’t trust me” and how she plans to combat “people having questions” of her trustworthiness. Clinton said minds can be changed by “marshaling facts” to rebut negative attacks.

“I understand people having questions,” Clinton said Monday at Jesse Jackson’s International Women’s Luncheon. “Maybe we can persuade people to change their minds by marshaling facts and making arguments to rebut negative attacks. But that doesn’t work for everyone. You can’t just talk someone into trusting you. You’ve got to earn it.”

Clinton says she may seem careful with her words, because she is careful with her words.

“So, yes, I could say that I sometimes sound careful with my words is not because I’m hiding something it’s just that I’m careful with my words. I believe what you say actually matters,” Clinton said.