Trump flexes new digital muscle

The presumptive Republican nominee has rolled out a website highlighting what he says are lies told by Clinton and, for the first time, is emailing fundraising pitches to supporters, one of the key elements of a national campaign.

“I think the early signs we’ve seen, from them activating a small dollar online plan coupled with the rollout of the microsite, tells me that the Donald Trump campaign is getting its footing,” said Michael Duncan, a partner at Cavalry, LLC, a political consultancy, who directed digital strategy for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) 2014 reelection bid.
“I’m hopeful that it’s the first of many steps towards building out a more sophisticated digital operation,” he said.

Trump’s campaign has taken a few steps in recent days to expand its digital footprint beyond the businessman’s Twitter account, which already has more than 9 million followers.

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