Why is Marco Rubio running for Senate? It’s about 2020, of course.

Finally. Sen. Marco Rubio’s public Hamlet routine about whether to run for re-election is over. No longer will we have to bother with reports about what his conscience is telling him and how events like the Orlando shooting helped him arrive at the conclusion that was wisest for his political future. He is running because that’s his best available option for positioning himself ahead of the 2020 Republican presidential primaries, period, the end. There’s nothing wrong with that; go get ’em, tiger. But one more day of this hammy aw-shucks routine and Rubio might’ve chewed up all that was left of the scenery at the Russell Senate Office Building.

“There were two paths before us,” Rubio writes near the end of his letter explaining why he chose to run. “There was one path that was more personally comfortable and probably smarter politically. But after much thought and prayer,”—this guy!—“together we chose to continue with public service; to continue down the path that provides the opportunity to make a positive difference at this critical and uncertain time for our nation.”

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