Hillary should keep Joe Biden as VP

But none of the other Democratic vice presidential candidates under consideration would make the cut. With her Native American and house-flipping scandals, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren has more baggage than a carousel at Logan Airport. U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia is an uninspiring white guy in a party obsessed with gender and racial politics. Despite an appealing resume, it’s become increasingly clear that 41-year-old Julian Castro, the current secretary of Housing and Urban Development, isn’t ready for prime time and is distrusted by some vocal members of the party’s left wing.

The elevation of Biden following a Clinton indictment would mark a storied bookend to a long political career. Like Clinton, Biden’s pursuit of the presidency stretches back decades, having launched two ill-fated bids of his own in 1988 and 2008. Biden and Clinton also have struggled to adjust to the new left-ward bent of the Democratic Party, particularly with the Warren-led Occupy Wall Street crowd, who view them as too cozy with the banks.

But at the peak of Clinton’s struggles last year, the “Draft Biden” cries rang loud and clear through Democratic circles. The vice president himself stoked the flames by making it clear he was seriously considering throwing his hat in the ring.

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