It's not enough that Trump lose. His supporters must lose too.

It is not enough that Trump fail. It is critical that Trumpism fail. That his style of campaign fail. That his rhetoric fail. That his followers fail. His failure must be total and complete. He must be utterly, irretrievably defeated. And by the right person. He can’t just lose the presidency, we need someone who actually cares about the things that conservatives and Republicans care about to defeat them both and win the Presidency. Someone who will fulfill promises that have gone unfulfilled by the Republican party for far too long, like border security, control of illegal immigration, reduction of out of control government, reining in the IRS … the list goes on.

Only by such a candidate’s success, and by their successful first four years, can we claim a victory. Without that, what do we have? We have a Hillary White House that will be probably the worst, most damaging administration anyone now alive has ever known, and Trump’s angry supporters will blame Republicans and conservatives and pretty much everyone for their loss. You think they are insufferable now? Just wait until Hillary takes the Oval Office. They’ll be practically insurgent. And I couldn’t really blame them.

However, by losing, they’ll actually win. As will the rest of the country.