How Trump can quiet conservative angst

The path out of this dilemma is for Trump to unveil the Trump Team, starting with the vice presidential selection but not ending there. Put Sen. Tom Cotton on the ticket and let the young, cool Arkansas Harvard lawyer turned Army Ranger turned congressman and then senator methodically destroy the pretensions of the frat boys on the Obama National Security Council and Clinton foreign policy team. (“Former van drivers,” “chumps,” “failed novelists and campaign flaks” who had never faced anything more dangerous than a shoving match after beer pong battles, Cotton told me about the kids club at the White House last week after its mouthpiece Josh Earnest called Cotton a liar.) Cotton brings seriousness, steadiness and the unflappability one would expect from a platoon leader in Baghdad during the Surge as Cotton was. He is the perfect balance to Trump on the ticket.

Add to Cotton the names of former Sens. Jim Talent for defense, Jon Kyl for state and Joe Lieberman for head of all intelligence agencies, and suddenly Trump doesn’t seem so unpredictable, except in his campaign tactics. Yes, Chris Christie as attorney general as well. Overnight Trump would be bringing the adults back to help him run America’s recovery of leadership in the world.