Melania Trump recounts time Michael Jackson tried to make out with her

Melania Trump is opening up about her relationship with Donald, life on the campaign trail and some of her famous friends in a new interview with DuJour.

The former model also takes some time to chide those who thinks she is just a pretty face with no brain, including MSNBC host Chris Matthews who the day before the interview was caught on air ogling Melania during an appearance in Indiana and saying; ‘Did you see her walk? Runway walk. My God, is that good. I could watch that runway show.’

It is this behavior that upsets Melania, who says; ‘Unbelievable. That’s what I’m saying! I’m not only a beauty, I’m smart. I have brains. I’m intelligent.

‘I would just say, Men will be men.’

Later in the piece she talks about an interesting night with Michael Jackson and reveals that Bill and Hillary Clinton did not get her a gift at her wedding.