How the EPA sided with environmentalists over science

The Obama administration released new limits on methane emissions from oil and gas wells that are even tougher than the industry expected – $530 million more per year than the already high costs. 25 percent more. The government, meanwhile, claims their new regulations will make money because this will stop storms, floods and other consequences of climate change. Yes, a government regulation on methane will change the weather.

It is going to stink for poor people. Consumers always pay the costs for government ideology, because virtual money never seems to match the claims of politicians, as seen recently with the Affordable Care Act cost overruns and all those solar panel companies we subsidized right into the ground. Compare how many people will die due to a warmer climate than will die every winter due to lack of heat because they can’t afford fuel. It’s orders of magnitude lower.

And when did methane become the big worry? Why?