London's Muslim mayor invites Trump to his city

“I invite Donald Trump to come to London, meet my wife and my daughters, meet my friends and my neighbors, meet Londoners … who are British, they’re Londoners, they’re Muslim,” Khan, London’s first Muslim mayor, told ITV’s “Good Morning Britain” on Tuesday

“I want Donald Trump to come to the greatest city in the world to understand that actually, we’ve shown the rest of the world – and forgive the pun – that hope trumps fear; unity trumps division and I’ll be a mayor for all Londoners,” he added.

The mayor has slammed Trump before for his statements on Muslims and calls to ban them from entering the U.S. Khan previously said Trump had an “ignorant” view of Muslims.

Trump appeared on the same British program Monday to fire back at the Muslim mayor, calling his statements about him “very rude” and “very nasty.”