What Clinton should really fear about Trump

Clinton should not worry about pundits who like to say that this election will feature the two most unpopular nominees in the history of polling. A good president need not be popular, and Trump has no solid plan to emerge from his abyss of negative attributes. Clinton is polling at her lowest, thanks to a bruising primary. She will become less disliked as these numbers stabilize.

But she should worry if she lets these concerns get in the way of her making the race a big one. By that I mean: every tactic, proposal, policy maneuver, vector, change — all should be on the table. She must treat Donald Trump as if he were an imminent threat to the country. She cannot run the race as a frontrunner. She cannot rest on mathematics of the electoral map, which are broadly in her favor, but which could flip on a dime. She cannot be cautious about losing what she’s built already. Trump has nowhere to go but up; his ability to master the media frustrates her campaign, but instead of complaining about it, they must figure out how to beat it back.