Republicans pray Trump will "evolve" on foreign policy

On Tuesday, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman said that he had been working with members of the Trump campaign to help them get up to speed on foreign policy and national security. Senator Bob Corker, Republican of Tennessee, has had a series of phone calls with Paul Manafort, whom Corker referred to as Trump’s campaign manager, and Corker’s office is supplying information to the campaign.

Corker told reporters that the Trump campaign is entering a new phase, focusing more on policy, and that he thought it only right that he help when asked. He played down Trump’s often controversial statements on national security and called on his Republican colleagues to give Trump some time to study up.

“Chill and let the campaign evolve a little bit and see where the candidate ends up,” he said. “When people enter an arena and questions are asked for the first time, you evolve and you learn. It appears to me that the campaign is evolving.”