A Trump/Sanders ticket would win

But, what if the two independent-leaning candidates got together and formed a ticket? Before you say it’s crazy, consider the major policy issues where Trump and Sanders agree:

-Trade: They both hate NAFTA, the TPP, and the PNTR with China. They both believe free trade causes American job losses. Their rhetoric and positions on trade are mirror images. Trump said about Sanders, “We both agree that we’re getting ripped off by China, by Japan, by Mexico, by everybody we do business with.” On NAFTA, Trump called it “a disaster.” Sanders said it ” has displaced a large number of jobs in the United States and is a significant contributor to the current crisis in U.S. manufacturing.” Countless media outlets lump their trade policies together already, with headlines like “Trump and Sanders’ Common Cause,” so this is a natural pairing.

-Foreign policy: They are both non-interventionists who think the war in Iraq was a mistake. Trump has said the war was “one of the worst decisions in the history of the country.” Sanders has said, “on the most important issue of our time, I was right, Hillary Clinton was wrong.” While Trump has a tougher appearance than Sanders, on policy, if you go region-to-region, they are more similar than any two candidates who ran in 2016.

-Taxing the wealthy: Everyone knows Sanders has said, “the wealthiest and large corporations will pay when I’m president,” but Trump’s rhetoric is nearly the same. He’s said he wants to “raise taxes on rich people like me,” and “the hedge fund people make a lot of money and they pay very little tax.” While Trump’s latest plan doesn’t back up those statements, his plan is clearly geared toward winning the GOP primary, not his core beliefs.

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