It's Eisenhower time for Republicans

Isn’t it time for another Eisenhower?

After leading the World War II crusade in Europe, Ike returned to the U.S., eventually to serve as president of Columbia University. He only entered the political arena in June 1952 at the urging of Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge (R., Mass.) and Lodge’s Texas allies. Those men saw Ike as a counter to the isolationist voices urging America’s withdrawal from the world stage. In November ’52, five months after entering the political arena, Eisenhower won the presidency in a landslide.

It’s time for a farsighted handful of men and women, like those who recruited Ike, to stand up and be counted. The Eisenhower Brigade—a group of policy advisers, convention activists and financiers—must coalesce into a force to be reckoned with at the Republican convention.

They need not focus on a name, a candidate, until after the California primary on June 7. The campaign to nominate Ike kicked into gear only a month before the 1952 Republican convention.