No whining

It would require superhuman stoicism for an American conservative not to be depressed by the Trump phenomenon. But being depressed by a real problem is one thing. Moping about feeling sorry for oneself is another. Ted Cruz has said, correctly, that Donald Trump is a whiner. But there is, unfortunately, whining on the anti-Trump side as well.

There’s the whine of disappointment: “Gee, we won in Wisconsin. We thought Trump was stopped. Now look at the New York polls. And the states after New York are tough. Can you imagine what a slog it’s going to be?”

There’s the whine of foreboding: “And then what? Can you imagine what a mess a convention that denies Trump the nomination would be? Paul Ryan says it would be even worse if the delegates select a nominee who hasn’t been a candidate. Maybe it’s time to begin accepting Trump?”

There’s the whine of wishfulness: “Maybe if he wins the nomination, Trump won’t be so bad for the Republican party or conservatism after all. Let’s not be rash. We could probably influence him. Or we could at least protect the down-ballot candidates against him.”