China is shocked that Trump has made it this far

Following violent clashes between fans of Republican candidate Donald Trump and anti-Trump protesters in Chicago on Friday, a number of Chinese media outlets have published editorials denouncing the Republican front-runner.

After violence ensued between Donald Trump supporters and anti-Trump protesters when his campaign rally was shut down last Friday, media outlets in China responded with concern to the controversial presidential candidate. Most expressed shock at Trump’s rise in the polls and fear of what the United States would become if he wins the presidency.

On Monday, Chinese state-owned newspaper Global Times published a scathing editorial saying that Trump’s rise in the presidential race had “opened a Pandora’s box in U.S. society,” in reference to splits within the Republican Party and violence at Trump rallies that was otherwise unprecedented in political events around the U.S.

The Global Times also called the Republican candidate “big-mouthed, anti-traditional [and] abusively forthright,” ​adding that his “mischief” has bucked conventional political behavior in the United States.