Poll: Trump has a major image problem with Hispanics

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has a major image problem among U.S. Hispanics, with 77% saying they view him unfavorably and just 12% viewing him favorably. This gives Trump by far the most negative image among Hispanics of any of the four Republican candidates. He also has a much more negative image among Hispanics than the two Democratic candidates.

This latest update is based on Gallup Daily tracking data collected Jan. 2-March 8. When Gallup started tracking the candidates in July and August of 2015, Trump was not quite as well-known as he is now. However, his image was already very negative, with 66% of Hispanics viewing him unfavorably and 14% favorably. As he has become better known among Hispanics, his image has worsened.

The major factor most likely contributing to Trump’s image deficit among Hispanics is one of the first highly publicized controversies of his presidential campaign in June, when he called for building a giant wall along the Mexican border. He also characterized Mexicans coming into the U.S. as drug traffickers and rapists. Since then, Trump’s strong and controversial stances against other immigrant groups may have reinforced the ill will among Hispanics, the majority of whom immigrated to this country within the last several generations.