Better Business Bureau: Trump University had D- rating in final year

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump faced criticism over the school’s Better Business Bureau rating at Thursday’s debate, when moderator Megyn Kelly questioned Trump about former students suing to get their money back after the BBB gave the university a D- rating. Trump defended the university, arguing it actually had an A rating.

“During the period when Trump University appeared to be active in the marketplace, BBB received multiple customer complaints about this business. These complaints affected the Trump University BBB rating, which was as low as D- in 2010,” the nonprofit said in a statement on Tuesday. “As the company appeared to be winding down, after 2013, no new complaints were reported. Complaints over three years old automatically rolled off of the Business Review, according to BBB policy. As a result, over time, Trump University’s BBB rating went to an A in July 2014 and then to an A+ in January 2015.”