Jeb’s attacks on Marco Rubio are backfiring

Sen. Marco Rubio’s rivals in the “establishment lane” of the Republican primary are not impressed with Sen. Marco Rubio’s third place finish in Iowa.

“I listened to Marco’s speech last night. You would’ve thought he won,” Christie said in New Hampshire on Tuesday. “Saying it doesn’t make it so. He’s got to come up here and he’s got to compete and he’s got to be under the microscope—and it’s going to be a very interesting week for him, I can assure you that.” Christie has also been taunting Rubio as “the boy in the bubble” who is too scared to take questions.

Jeb Bush also made a crack at Rubio for delivering a “victory speech” following his third-place finish.

I too find it fascinating—and impressive—that Rubio’s team was able to convince so much of the operative and pundit class that a third-place finish in Iowa had effectively landed him the nomination.