Cruz retunes Iowa messaging in final push

Ted Cruz changed his campaign tune on Friday, opting to not attack Donald Trump – a shift for Cruz after two weeks of publicly chipping away at the frontrunner’s record.

Instead, the Texas senator delivered stump speeches that mimicked those he delivered through the fall and early part of winter and led him to the top of Iowa polling last month, honing in on a message of “hope and optimism” and focusing almost solely on his own record and policy proposals…

“It’s kind of hard to decide between Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee,” said David Jensen, a part-time farmer in Ringsted, Iowa, adding he “prefers” Carson because he can appeal to people for not being a politician. He suggested Cruz, though, is viewed by many as “divisive.”

Jensen continued, “But a lot of my friends say they don’t think Ben Carson can win. So they say we should vote for Cruz because he has a better chance of beating Trump. But people also say you can’t listen to the polls because they don’t know exactly what’s going on.”