Trump follows his own unique Iowa playbook

He’s got a 757, and he’s flying it around the country in the final week regardless of what his rivals are doing. After barnstorming in Iowa over the weekend – he even overnighted in Sioux City — Trump has trips planned for New Hampshire Monday and South Carolina on Wednesday, just days before the Iowa verdict is rendered.

Trump’s confidence — or maybe overconfidence — has his campaign dreaming of an early-state sweep. “It gives us a mandate,” Trump said of securing a victory in Iowa…

In one sense, Trump’s continued dominance has created a tale of two primaries. There is the battle to claim Iowa, where Cruz, who had been leading in state polls, has recently dropped. A new Fox News poll reports Trump has 34 percent of likely caucus-goers supporting him, an 11-point increase from two weeks ago. Cruz has 23 percent — down from 27 percent in the last poll.

His allies have recently moved to lower expectations here for the Texas Republican, noting he has had to battle two former caucus winners, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee, for the evangelical vote, in addition to fending off the state powerful ethanol lobby that has attacked him for weeks.