I’m a Mike Bloomberg fan, but 2016 is not the year for him to run for President

What’s fueled Donald Trump’s rise among Republicans: anti-immigrant fear and fervor, and acidic anger at economic inequality. What’s fueled the rise of Bernie Sanders on the left, more than anything: a sense that the elites have coasted on hoverboards while the rest of us have stalled.

Bloomberg merges pro-immigration, pro-choice, anti-gun social liberalism with Revenant-level bear-hug coziness with Wall Street. It’s a far less potent general election combination than what’s being offered by Trump, his bizarro billionaire twin.

Plus: A guy who presided over a huge increase in stops-and-frisks in New York can’t connect well enough with black Democrats. A guy who wanted a cap on large sugary soda drinks won’t resonate with libertarian-leaning independents. A guy who’s as anti-gun and as pro-choice as it gets would have real trouble in swing states.