The world they made

As I said, I wrote that two years ago – March 2014. All the Chumpy McDonorpants had to do was sit on their hands and not give 100 million bucks to another hereditary-class rich-boy stiff with no flair for retail politics who thinks that illegal immigration is “an act of love”. But they couldn’t help themselves. The Donor Class decided it would take its contempt for the rubes to the next level …and now they’re surprised that the rubes have decided to take it to the next level, too. They don’t care when the insiders say that Trump isn’t a “real Republican”. To them, that’s not a bug, it’s a feature. But Rush posits that disenchantment with the only electoral alternative to the Democrats is now so great that they don’t even care that Trump isn’t a “real conservative”. My old colleague Jonah Goldberg is pointing out today, yet again, that Trump is “not a conservative”.

That’s true. But he’s not campaigning like one, is he? Cruz is running proudly under the conservative banner. Trump is running like a guy who got Frank Luntz to do one of his “words that work” focus groups and “conservative” came back with net unfavorables.

So this is the world Michael Gerson and Brian Ballard and the rest of the smart guys have made: a primary season rapidly coming down to a hardcore base-shoring conservative vs a hardcore post-ideological neo-nationalist – leaving Gerson, Pete Wehner, George Will and the donor-bankrolled GOP establishment to mutter that it may be time for the Republican Party to go third-party.