America 2016: Burn it all down

What exactly do Trump fans think they can accomplish?

Scenario 1
A President Trump will be treated as a unique proposition, separate from the mainstream conservatism, since, by any measure, he holds almost no position aligning with any contemporary right-wing view of the past 50 or so years. Most Republicans in Congress will surely oppose the majority of Trump’s measures and executive agenda, making them an opposition party. They will continue to offer traditionally conservative arguments locally, and win state elections. There will be three parties. Trump will be Jesse Ventura, but for the entire nation.

Scenario 2
A President Trump will be treated as a unique proposition because, it turns out, on issues outside of immigration, he’s a pretty liberal guy who will continue to spend lots of money on social programs and align well with progressives on trade. Democrats will occasionally be more supportive of his ideas than Republicans. His reign will be less eventful than everyone imagines.

Scenario 3
Gerson will be proven right. There is a dramatic revision within the party because the anger will forever change American politics on the Right. We’ll have something akin to the Western European model, with a nationalistic party, a socialistic one, and perhaps a few others that align with each. Because maybe voters never much cared about free markets and free trade or abortion and religious freedom anyway.