Patriots Super Bowl victory could create a problem for Trump in New Hampshire

But New Hampshire political strategists, most of them avowed Patriots fans, do see potential potholes if the primary shares the day with a Super Bowl celebration. Though most noted that the impact of the parade would be small, even a slight dip in turnout could be critical in a state whose outcome could pare down the packed Republican field.

“When a million people show up in Boston, you can figure 30 percent of them or 25 percent of them are from New Hampshire,” said Joel Maiola, a New Hampshire adviser to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s campaign…

Ryan Williams of FP1 Strategies, a Massachusetts native and devout Pats fan, noted that many of the Boston-based volunteers expected to aid get-out-the-vote efforts could opt for the parade instead. Similarly, New Hampshire residents who commute to work in Boston might plan their day to avoid parade conflicts, which could limit their opportunities to vote.

Maiola joked that if Brady chokes, he just might be throwing the game to keep turnout high for Trump.