Marco, Jeb, and the immigration trap

They’re taking different paths. Rubio is mostly trying to change the subject from the most controversial aspects of immigration reform. When he’s been asked, Rubio has deftly changed the subject — not away from immigration entirely, but away from the increases in immigration levels, near-immediate legalization, and path to citizenship in the Gang of Eight comprehensive reform bill. For his part, Bush, sinking in the polls, is swinging wildly, accusing Rubio of “cutting and running” on immigration reform while he, Bush, remained steadfast. While Bush isn’t wrong about Rubio, he is overlooking his own changes on the issue…

“Marco cut and run,” Bush said “Plain and simple. For whatever reason, there may be legitimate reasons, but he cut and run. He asked for my support on a bill and he cut and run. And he cut and run on his colleagues as well. That bill passed the Senate — who knows what would have happened in the House?”

As he often does, Bush cited his 2013 book, Immigration Wars, as a sign of his own consistency on the issue. “I supported [Rubio’s effort], even though my ideas were clearly different, particularly on the path to legalization,” Bush explained. “I wrote a book about it. My views haven’t changed from that book being published more than four years ago.”