Congressional Republicans look to distance themselves from Donald Trump

“I think I prefer others who have a better grasp in my view of the challenges we face,” McCain said, adding that he will stay neutral through the duration of the primary.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois said he “would have to do a lot of soul-searching” if Trump became the nominee, suggesting he’d need to separate himself from the top of the ticket. Kinzinger, a Jeb Bush supporter, said he was “very concerned” about the rhetoric from Trump and what it would mean in a general election.

“I think his tone has been bad — it’s not an inclusive tone,” said Kinzinger, a leading moderate. “Only 30-something percent, maybe of Americans identify as Republicans, which means to win a national election you have to reach out.”

House Speaker Paul Ryan said party leaders would back a Trump nomination, but he made a veiled critique at the divisive rhetoric espoused by the businessman. “We don’t want to have another President like this one who divides our country,” Ryan told reporters.