After a shake-up, Ben Carson sees signs of enthusiasm in Iowa

“I do think [I’m regaining momentum,]” Carson told MSNBC after the final event. “I feel very good about what’s happening, I think the timing is going to be just perfect.”

“When you’ve got a line out the door and you’ve gotta hold two rallies, it says something about Ben,” Carson’s Iowa state director Ryan Rhodes said in Winterset. Many attendees told MSNBC that they liked Carson’s values, but were still undecided in the race – often citing the current Iowa front-runner Texas Sen. Ted Cruz as another candidate they were seriously considering…

“The strategy is to keep talking,” Carson told reporters in Panora. “I don’t have control over a lot of external affairs. I don’t have control over what happened in Paris, what happened in San Bernardino. I don’t have control over, you know, people deciding we’re gonna try to destroy your character and your honesty. We just have to react to them as things come up.”