Trump fumes as Cruz steals wall mojo

“People are picking up all of my ideas, including Ted, who started talking about building a wall two days ago,” Trump told POLITICO on Tuesday. “The fact is, they won’t get it built, they don’t know how to do the job and they won’t get Mexico to pay for it.”…

“He’s been working on these things a long time and long before Donald Trump announced his candidacy,” Cruz campaign spokesman Rick Tyler told POLITICO, pointing out that the Texas senator was a “chief opponent” of the bipartisan effort to pass comprehensive immigration reform bill in 2013. “We are glad that Donald Trump announced his candidacy and we are glad that Donald Trump brought a lot of attention to these issues, but it is not true to suggest that he’s not been thinking about these issues and working on them for a long time.”

Indeed, Cruz has backed some form of a border barrier for years — since well before Trump announced his presidential bid.