The most dangerous people on the Internet in 2015

Cody Wilson

Cody Wilson, the creator of the world’s first fully 3-D printable gun, has made WIRED’s “most dangerous” list for years thanks to his efforts to allow anyone to download and print their own working firearm at home. That notion has only become more controversial in a year when gun killings dominated the headlines. And Wilson’s non-profit group Defense Distributed advanced his DIY weaponry goal further in 2015 by shipping a computer-controlled milling machine that allows anyone to create a metal body of an AR-15 with no background check or even a serial number. He’s also pursuing a lawsuit against the State Department for blocking him from publishing gun files online on the basis that they would represent an illegal weapons export. Wilson’s argued that ban represents a first amendment violation—the files are only information, after all, not physical weapons. His case has already won support from the EFF, the Cato Institute, and 16 members of congress.

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