Conspiracy theorists terrorized our town

The organizer of the mock mass shooting we farted at last weekend—a guy who goes by the name Murdoch Pizgatti—has recently posted a picture of their protest with one of these “cell phone girls” photoshopped into it. This was met with laughter and much approval on their Facebook event page before being pulled down; an activist friend of mine captured the posts. They also had good fun discussing this conspiracy theory in another thread.

Of course if they are wrong—and they are, of course—they have made a joke out of a woman who witnessed children being gunned down and they have laughed at infanticide. Not only that, but these guys are even dumber than we realized: they think we need to allow guns everywhere so that we can stop mass shootings even though mass shootings are all just mocked up by the government, I’ve never been prouder to intentionally fart on someone.

To their minimal credit, other gun rights groups condemned this action, but gun rights fundamentalists and conspiracy theorists still think in similar ways. As Ben Collins pointed out in The Daily Beast about Roanoke and Sandy Hook Truthers, these conspiracy theorists are “the last believers in an ordered world.” Conspiracy theories seek to bring order and reason to a world that is chaotic, where things that make absolutely no sense happen all of the time.

This is pre-modern thinking where data is discredited in favor of what “feels” right—they typically argue that mourners in footage at or after mass shootings don’t “seem like” traumatized people. It is pre-postmodern in that they expect there to be a coherent plan organizing everything even in an age without metanarratives.

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