Get ready for the Marco Rubio freak out by the establishment

Rubio is actually keeping his campaign team small and disciplined. They have a plan and they are executing it. But the campaign ground game has been so under the radar as to be undetectable. That has a lot of establishment types starting to get heart palpitations.

Look, it is obvious that Jeb Bush is done for. His Super PAC has taken to attacking Marco Rubio for challenging Obamacare. The Bush effort is no longer serious and we should not be surprised if he is out in time to spend the holidays with his family. That leaves Rubio as the fall back and he seems to be putting no chess pieces in place for victory.

Rubio is the firewall the Establishment has set up. He can unite guys like me who adore him and the Establishment. But if he falters, they will be forced to cut a deal with Ted Cruz to stop Trump. The Establishment would rather Rubio kick it into high gear yesterday to avoid having to cut deals with the man they see as the devil, i.e. Cruz.

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