Hillary Clinton and the Democrats' national security problem

The answer, as Bill Clinton used to say, was zee-ro. None. Not a single question about national security. Several times Clinton tried to steer her answers toward the topic, but the crowd resisted–and it occurred to me that Clinton was actually taking a risk with the Democratic base when she talked about what had to be done to defeat ISIS. The latest poll shows her trailing Bernie Sanders 50-40% in New Hampshire.

What were the questions about? Genetically modified food. Climate change. Gun control. Whether Exxon Mobil suppressed information about carbon pollution. Voting rights. Mental health. Student loans. Immigration (pro-family preservation, not border control). Preserving social security and Medicare. Taking care of veterans (with the implicit assumption that veterans are victims of the military-industrial complex).

Now, some of these are important issues. But the Democrats’ unwillingness to think, or ask, about the single most immediate threat to our country was stunning…or maybe, all too predictable. There is as little nuanced thought about national security among left-liberal Democrats as there is about border control among Trump supporters. The assumption, too often, is that all U.S. military action overseas is not just wrong, but criminal.

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