GOP campaigns vent at RNC on eve of debate summit

The list of possible reforms to future Republican debates is growing as several campaigns get ready for a Sunday evening meeting in a northern Virginia hotel. And there is one point of agreement among some of them: Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus has let them down, as have the television network hosts, and it is time for the candidates to have more say in the process.

“What’s amazing is how bad the RNC botched this,” said one campaign strategist who planned to attend the meeting. “They’ve got the biggest new TV show of the fall! The networks are making tons of money off of us. We should be telling them what to do. Reince is moving now because feels like he’s going to be dumped by the next nominee, because of how badly he’s botched this.”…

“I don’t think there’s any reason to put the candidates in two groups,” said Carson’s campaign manager Barry Bennett. “We can put a man on the moon; we can figure out how to put 14 people on the stage. The issue is time and parity, not how many people are on stage. How about turning the microphones on and off when people are supposed to talk? The point of the polling threshold is to keep crazy people offstage, but functionally, it’s keeping elected senators and governors off.”