The rules of the next Republican debate are unveiled

Republican presidential candidates will not give opening statements at the next debate, hosted by the Fox Business Network, but they will have more time to respond to questions — 90 seconds in their initial answer, and a 60-second rebuttal — according to an internal logistics memo the network sent to the campaigns on Friday.

The candidates will also be allowed 30-second closing statements, said the memo, which was obtained by The New York Times and confirmed by Fox Business Network.

The memo comes in the wake of Wednesday evening’s CNBC debate, which angered the Republican National Committee and the candidates, for what they said was the combative tone of the questions, which party officials said did not focus on the economy as much as they had expected from a business news network. The Republican campaigns have scheduled a meeting in Washington on Sunday evening to try to regain control of the debate process and force the networks to address their concerns.