Bush team bracing for cash crunch

Staffers in Miami are reportedly frustrated after having relocated there only to be asked now to work for less money and accept reassignments to other states. There is a “broad sense of betrayal, disappointment and anger,” according to a source inside the campaign.

Even while attempting to calm internal jitters, the campaign is trying to be wide-eyed about the possibility that funding could even more dramatically slow down. Bush reported earlier this month that his campaign had raised $13.4 million in the third quarter, and went into October with just $10.3 million on hand – less than three of his rivals, including Sen. Marco Rubio.

The campaign is now looking for ways to cut costs, even beyond what was promised in a restructuring announced before Wednesday’s debate, according to a campaign aide. And one donor speaking to POLITICO suggested that top officials — including Diaz, adviser Sally Bradshaw, and early state strategist David Kochel — might be willing to take additional pay cuts as part of a new barebones operation. Already, Bush’s top campaign chiefs have taken $75,000 pay cuts each.