Seeking restart, Jeb Bush sounds losing theme

Some political insiders are baffled by the decisions made by the managers of Bush’s much-ballyhooed $100 million super PAC. Yes, the cash could come in handy in the distant future. But the situation is desperate now. Donald Trump is killing Bush. Why not use the money to kill Trump first, or at least try? Isn’t that what negative ads are for?

“He has a super PAC with $100 million in it that has just sat there while they watched their candidate get destroyed,” a veteran strategist not affiliated with any campaign said. “This is like if Travis at the Alamo had 10,000 soldiers he could call up and said no, we don’t need them. What are they going to do with the money — declare a dividend?”…

Trump is killing Bush. And Bush is fixating on Rubio. The Bush campaign has made an apparently irrevocable decision to focus on potential future threats instead of immediate, mortal danger. “They’re talking about winning Florida,” the unaffiliated strategist said. “They’re not going to be in the race.”